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Reliable and efficient commercial refrigeration care.

We typically service what we install, and are qualified to maintain all commercial refrigeration systems. Parson Refrigeration has an experienced and loyal team of fully licensed mechanics. They are well-trained and highly specialized in maintaining all popular refrigeration, air conditioning and heating solutions, as well as the related control systems.

We have Eastern Ontario’s largest fleet of service vehicles for commercial refrigeration, ensuring that qualified technical care is quick and ready whenever you need it. Our service vehicles are all outfitted with OEM/universal parts and equipment.

Parson Refrigeration has the expertise and experience to best service your commercial refrigeration systems:

  • Customized Service Programs
  • Emergency Service Available 24/7
  • Service all Commercial Refrigeration Systems
  • Commercial HVAC Service and Maintenance
  • Proven Reliable: over 75 years of service quality
  • Trusted Reputation

  • "The challenges that I faced with my first CO2 system included understanding all the different components that are installed on the rack, developing a thorough understanding of the transcritcal refrigeration system, and developing new procedures to work on the system. It took time to get familiar with the much higher operating pressures of the system, understanding the oil management system, and all the information that is available from the electronic control system. However, once you gain hands-on experience with these new systems they start feeling very similar to convention systems."
    Jim BrownParson Refrigeration (1985) Ltd.
  • Installing refrigeration for an urban store provides a unique set of challenges over and above the typical suburban store. Generally, there are much tighter spaces, and running the refrigeration lines is more difficult as you may have to pass through different tenant spaces to get to your final destination. The receiving and unloading of equipment is more time consuming due to constrained loading docks and sometime elevators are required to get the equipment to its location. Compressor and condenser location present challenges due to confined spaces and operational noise, as apartments may be very close by. Our team is experienced in dealing with all of these issues; able to make unique and complicated installations seem routine.
    Jamie GrahamParson Refrigeration (1985) Ltd.
  • "For our new refrigerated warehouse, working with Parson Refrigeration was a real advantage. They designed and built an energy-efficient, trouble-free and turnkey solution. Parson Refrigeration worked directly with the engineers and trades to oversee all aspects of the project, including refrigeration, electrical, controls and plumbing. They delivered a reliable and quality installation, we highly recommend their services."
    Pierre CyrOwner, Cyr Distribution

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