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Improve your site ranking with strategic SEO services.


What is SEO and SEM

We all know that people and companies research their purchases online. And when your target market is ready to buy is an especially opportune time to get noticed. This is why you want their online search to lead to your website. With organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics and paid SEM (Search Engine Marketing), there are many things you can be doing to help them find their way. An SEO/SEM strategy is an important part of successfully reaching and engaging with your market. Our team has the experience and expertise to help you achieve that.




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Get Google on Your Side

Google has become all the more sophisticated over the years, and cramming keywords or bought links onto a page will no longer help you; in fact, Google may penalize your website for such tactics. Google is still looking for keywords, but it can understand f they are used in context, and in an informative and “conversational” manner. Same with backlinks, search engines ensure that they link to respected websites that are relevant to your market.

Essentially, Google will rank your website favourably if it deems it to truly be a resource for your market — and that should be your goal too. The PROSAR team can help you structure your message and present it in a manner that helps your site rank favourably.

You can also increase the value of your website in Google’s eyes by improving your online presence. This includes your organization’s social media accounts. Learn more in our Branding – Social Media section. You can also get some great tips in our blog post: 10 SEO Strategies to Achieve Higher Exposure in Google




Content Generation

Your prospects have a massive amount of information available on virtually anything they want to buy, and they search for it online before making a decision. They are more in control of their purchasing behaviour than ever before. A new content-centric approach has evolved out of necessity to better address consumers needs.

Consumers are now motivated to seek out the information they want, whenever they feel they need it. The intent and tone of what they seek will be to inform and enlighten, not to sell them. So what does this shift mean for your organization? How do you attract, convert, close and maintain new customers?

Content generation has become one of the primary marketing efforts to inform, educate and subtly persuade. (Yes, marketing is still about persuading.) A mind-numbing plenitude of content is poured into the ether every day in the form of web pages, blogs, reviews, whitepapers, posts, comments, ratings, videos, presentations, animated graphics, photos, emails, texts, podcasts… Realizing that you need a content strategy to help position your information with your target market is the easy part — how do you effectively get your message to the right people at the right time?

Being noticed among the clamour of content relies on several skills (strategic marketing, product/service/industry knowledge, editorial strength, creative prowess, online media familiarity, SEO expertise) and time (it is largely an organic process). Including content as a central component of your marketing plan will help you to successfully reach your target audience and maintain a relationship with them.

For some tips on how to get started, read How to Unleash Your Content Marketing Superheroes




The name of the game is attracting new leads to your website with the intention of informing and impressing them, and eventually earning their business. Pay per Click is often used to improve website traffic results much faster than organic SEO tactics, such as content generation. A smart campaign will employ both paid and organic strategies.

Understanding your target market, and specifically detailing buyer personas, is essential to honing in on who you want attract. Intimate knowledge of your ideal candidate is important to best determine the keywords and phrasing that will attract their attention, and prompt them to click through to your website.

Google AdWords provides great tools (including a Keyword Planner) to help you research, test, implement and assess your PPC efforts. However, these tools require a great amount of knowledge and skill to wield them effectively. Like any advertising, it is easy to waste your money and your budget is typically put to its best use when guided by a professional.


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SEO & PPC Assessment
Planning & Strategy Development
Content Generation
Editorial Calendar Development
Link Building Planning & Maintenance
Google Analytics Set-up & Customizing
Keyword Research, Development & Monitoring
PPC Campaign Design, Implementation & Assessment

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Whether your primary goal is to strengthen your brand, generate leads, or sell stuff —  the PROSAR team can help you succeed.


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