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With the trend to place food stores in high density buildings it provides additional installation / design challenges over the traditional suburban grocery store.

Some of the issues that have to be addressed include limited space for mechanical equipment, operational noise from the equipment, running refrigeration lines through different levels of the building, loading dock access for receiving of equipment and the store may be located on the second level of the structure.

This all makes for a challenging installation, however after having performed a number of this type of project, we are well experienced to provide a quality and competitive installation


– Distributed refrigeration systems (putting mechanical close to fixture) using compressor system
– Very quiet compressor operation
– Reduces refrigerant charge and length of refrigerant lines due to looped piping
– More environmentally friendly
– Suited to a store with a smaller footprint, and can be scaled up for larger stores


– Dense locations means that store may be on a second level, or in condo tower
– Very tight space making equipment placement challenging
– Challenges in running piping (many obstacles and tight environment)


– Equipment placement and installation requires special consideration and expertise
– Condenser may be mounted horizontally or in a loading dock
– Extensive coordination with general contractor, all trades and store owner


Installing refrigeration for an urban store provides a unique set of challenges over and above the typical suburban store.

Generally, there are much tighter spaces, and running the refrigeration lines is more difficult as you may have to pass through different tenant spaces to get to your final destination. The receiving and unloading of equipment is more time consuming due to constrained loading docks and sometime elevators are required to get the equipment to its location. Compressor and condenser location present challenges due to confined spaces and operational noise, as apartments may be very close by.

Our team is experienced in dealing with all of these issues; able to make unique and complicated installations seem routine.

Jamie Graham
Parson Refrigeration (1985) Ltd.

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