Get Notified With Inbound Marketing

Get Notified With Inbound Marketing
June 9, 2015 PROSAR

Knowledge is power. This phrase speaks of knowledge as an opportunity to improves one’s potential, reputation and influence. This holds true in the marketing world where the more current and accurate the information we have about our prospects, the higher likelihood we have in conducting some business.


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Get Notified

At the core of inbound marketing is the knowledge of your online contact/visitor’s behavior.

This behavior can be as basic as when emails are opened or as exotic as when a visitor returns to your website. The idea here is to respond to these events with immediate efforts to help your contacts advance further with their interest in your company and your products/services. Timing is everything. With the right tools, you can be notified in real-time.

Software tools from SharpSpring do this.

SharpSpring Auto-Notify

Our friends at SharpSpring offer great functionality with their auto-notify features. Identifying return visitors to your website is a foundation feature within SharpSpring and enabling auto-notify will let you know in real-time when this happens.

You can set this up in a number of configurations. Notify when any visitor returns to your website at whatever frequency you specify — be it twice, thrice, or whatever you choose. You can also receive notifications for returns to any specific pages on your website, such as a pricing or promotions page. Perhaps there are specific visitors that you want to be notified about. No problem. The possibilities are limited only by how much info you want in real time to help advance your business online.

Knowledge is Power

Being notified in real-time is an important piece in an inbound marketing strategy, but with what you do with this knowledge comes the real power. A well-timed phone call can extend your contact/visitor’s interest, giving you an opportunity to garner some further engagement with your business.  If your contact is already and established client a well-timed email might be perfect (keeping CASL compliant and not spammy).

A prospect’s interest is gold in the sales process. Timing has always been critical in capitalizing on a prospect’s interest. Don’t leave it to chance. Instead of waiting for the orders to come floating in, power-up your online marketing by being proactive with your contact’s positive behavior.

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