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  • SEO Plugins: Do they Help or Hinder?

    What if the only thing your tax accountant could do was add? What if the only thing your auto mechanic…

  • Your Online Properties – Is There Anybody Home?

    We all know the trick when you are off on vacation. Leave lights on, stop the mail delivery, have someone…

  • Alphabet Soup: SEO and AODA

    The web can often feel like a sea of acronyms, and this is no different. SEO might be slightly familiar…

  • Nomophobia: The Reason Why Your Business Should be Mobile

    You heard it first! Nomophobia! Now before you start wondering what that is and how it impacts your business, just…

  • The 4 Best Analytics Reports to Chart Your SEO Progress

    SEO is an ongoing process that requires time, effort, and many types of actions. Results often aren’t immediate, so tracking…

  • Effective Simplicity – 3 Steps to Building an Online Marketing Plan

    Effective marketing can help a business soar. Business people know this. Just watch a few episodes of the CBC’s “Dragons Den”…

  • Is Guerrilla Marketing Still an Option for Smaller Companies?

    Guerrilla marketing can be a surprisingly effective means of gaining awareness and strong brand positioning. The benefits of a successful…

  • How to Unleash Your Content Marketing Superheroes

    In marketing your organization online, “content is king” is more truth than cliché. All the advertising in the world cannot compensate…

  • Video: Now a Must and no longer a Maybe

    As a marketer, of course, I believe in video and integrating it into my overall marketing strategy. But as a…


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