Online Marketing

  • SEO Plugins: Do they Help or Hinder?

    What if the only thing your tax accountant could do was add? What if the only thing your auto mechanic…

  • Nomophobia: The Reason Why Your Business Should be Mobile

    You heard it first! Nomophobia! Now before you start wondering what that is and how it impacts your business, just…

  • Effective Simplicity – 3 Steps to Building an Online Marketing Plan

    Effective marketing can help a business soar. Business people know this. Just watch a few episodes of the CBC’s “Dragons Den”…

  • Is Guerrilla Marketing Still an Option for Smaller Companies?

    Guerrilla marketing can be a surprisingly effective means of gaining awareness and strong brand positioning. The benefits of a successful…

  • How to Unleash Your Content Marketing Superheroes

    In marketing your organization online, “content is king” is more truth than cliché. All the advertising in the world cannot compensate…

  • Video: Now a Must and no longer a Maybe

    As a marketer, of course, I believe in video and integrating it into my overall marketing strategy. But as a…

  • Can’t see the fundamentals for the trends?

    Creating a meaningful website Natural photos and bold colours. Hero sliders and parallax feature strips. Material Design and micro-interactions. These…

  • The Marketing Process Has Changed – Has Your Content Kept Pace?

    It’s old news that customers have changed how they shop and buy. Thanks to the Internet, customers have a massive…

  • 3 Tips on How to Weather the Economic Storm in Your Marketing Plan

    Economic forces in Canada and changing business conditions have left us all concerned about our existing marketing plans. While changes…

  • Is Astroturfing Smart Content Generation?

    We live in a time when most consumers, for both B2C and B2B, search the Internet to find information and…


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