Marketing and Sales Strategy: The Need For Focus

Marketing and Sales Strategy: The Need For Focus
January 21, 2015 PROSAR

“You can’t be everything to everyone.”

This maxim has never been more relevant than today. Those that specialize and focus in on what they do best usually outperform the generalists. Focus breaks down a big, fuzzy target into smaller, sharper targets that are easier to aim and excel at. Focus is the stuff of a sound marketing and sales strategy.


The Lists

Focus is all about segmentation. Products and services are segmented by their description and whom they are intended for. Customers and prospects should be similarly segmented and placed into lists. Further segmentation by location, industry, or whatever will help support marketing and sales campaigns and blitzes. Campaigns and sales blitzes are the mini – projects for marketing and sales.


The Campaign

A cornerstone of marketing strategy is the use of campaigns. Campaigns are focused efforts (tactics) in promoting a defined product or service to a specific target market. Campaigns for medium size business enterprises are an effective way to promote new products, e-commerce, or branding. Campaigns, by nature of their simplicity and cohesiveness, are easier to track and measure for success than more complex initiatives.


The Sales Blitz

Campaign’s sales person sibling is the sales blitz. Blitzes are similar to campaigns but shift the efforts from marketing to outbound sales. The sales staff concentrates on a defined product or service to a specific type of customer or prospect for a defined period of time. Marketing campaigns and sales blitzes can run independently or in tandem. The distinction from general marketing and sales is the focus. Sales blitzes can be a morale booster. Sales people appreciate the focus and the momentum attained with a targeted effort. It creates excitement and a reason to reach out to potential buyers.

Trying to be everything to everyone in marketing and sales is a recipe for frustration. Don’t worry about diluting your overall brand by concentrating on just this or that over a defined period. Buyers expect that your brand will encompass a comprehensive group of products and services. In the interest of engaging with your customers effectively and efficiently, it makes good sense to segment your products and your customers/prospects and market and sell to them specifically. Your customers will appreciate it.

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