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  • Planning for 2016: Inbound Trends & Patterns Worth Noticing

    As 2015 rushes toward its close, it’s time to start planning for next year. Any business that hopes…

  • Who’s Your “Amy”?

    Last week the Globe and Mail published an article by Marina Strauss on Sears Canada’s marketing focus (New…

  • Ladies Who Lead: Inspiring Stories of Successful Women in Marketing

    There’s a lot to love about the award-winning…

  • Do-It-Yourself Online: Yes or No?

    They say that a little bit of knowledge is dangerous. In the case of building on the Internet,…

  • The 3 A’s to Business Networking Online

    Recently, I have been looking up different ways to maximize online strategies to connect with potential partners and…

  • Grrrr….My Competitor Shows Up When I Search My Company Name!!!

    Has this happened to you?  Did it make your blood boil?  Well, you’re not alone. This does happen,…

  • Do I Have to Say it 100 Times? The Importance of Repetition.

    They say a young child needs to be exposed to a new food between 10 and 30 times…

  • More Women Equals Better Business



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