Online Marketing

  • Is Your Brand Relevant?

      Many years ago, we dealt with a local retail clothing chain that catered to a young demographic. They were…

  • S.M.A.R.T Marketing Goals

    It should come as no surprise that goals are important for your business and marketing strategy. They drive you forward…

  • The New Mobile-Friendly Website Imperative: What All Top Businesses Already Know

    A mobile-friendly website is more important for businesses now than ever. To be mobile-friendly, a website must be designed with…

  • 5 Things You Need To Know When Writing Ad Copy

    With 25 years in the marketing business I’ve had the privilege to work with some very talented individuals and savvy…

  • Don’t Ignore Those Smaller Conversion Steps

    Conversion is an often-used sales and marketing term that can cover a lot of ground in today’s internet powered world…

  • 5 Components for a Successful Strategic Marketing Plan

      A little while back, I had lunch with a couple of communication executives, each working for a different national…

  • 3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Blog

    Content management systems such as WordPress are an asset for managing your blog. From one interface, you can do everything possible…

  • Inbound Marketing: Not All Leads Are Equal

    As your inbound marketing program fires on all cylinders an increased number of leads are coming through your website.  It…

  • Communicating with and Marketing to Millennials and Gen Z in 2015

    It is important to be aware that every generation thinks differently. They have different shared experiences that often lead to…

  • Marketing and Sales Strategy: The Need For Focus

    “You can’t be everything to everyone.” This maxim has never been more relevant than today. Those that specialize and focus…


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