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  • Alphabet Soup: SEO and AODA

    By in AODA, SEO on

    The web can often feel like a sea of acronyms, and this is no different. SEO might be slightly familiar as Search Engine Optimization — making your websites more visible when people search for key terms— but AODA is a new kid on the block for Ontarians. The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act sets to make companies think about disabled…

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  • Nomophobia: The Reason Why Your Business Should be Mobile

    By in Customers, Mobile, Online Marketing on

    You heard it first! Nomophobia! Now before you start wondering what that is and how it impacts your business, just quickly look to your left, and now to your right or at the most, in your pocket. Did you find your smartphone yet? Like 73% of people, if you don’t find your phone immediately or don’t feel it at hands…

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  • The 4 Best Analytics Reports to Chart Your SEO Progress

    By in Analytics, Search Engine Marketing, SEO on

    SEO is an ongoing process that requires time, effort, and many types of actions. Results often aren’t immediate, so tracking over time is necessary to see how well you’re achieving your goals. Luckily, the tools to do this are at hand. In fact, Google provides them for free. The one you’re likely familiar with is Google Analytics. I’ll show you…

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